An acoustically transparent barrier designed for transport construction offers the possibility of a view and its structure supports the environment.

With the growth of traffic, the roads became to be a significant source of noise which negatively affects the environment and worsens comfort of people living near them.

A standard step which will prevent the noise from spreading is noise barriers which are not beautiful to look at and are untransparent: they don‘t allow the view of the landscape.

This is the reason why we decided to come to the market with acoustically absorbent, noise protective transparent panel.



Acoustically absorbent and noise protective panels are constructed with so called resonance circuits which are formed with transparent panels that are made from organic glass Plexiglas. Translucent spray coating of the barrier containing nanoelements TiO2 which destroy microorganisms, mould and bioaerosols, neutralize smell and alergenes, decompose organic molecules to water and CO2, decompose Nox, VOC and SO2. In one step we achieve a transparent acoustic barrier with self-cleaning surface and an air cleaner at the same time.

BARRIER got an international prize INNOVATION AWARDS 2015