NANO acoustic panels

Acoustic panels from NANOFIBRE MEMRANE

Wall panels and panels for suspended ceilings as acoustic absorbers bring into practice a completely new application of nanofibre membrane. It is a product of new generation which can be used as an alternation of traditional acoustic form.

The outcomes are prototypes of wall and ceiling panels. THE SUSPENDED CEILING PANEL is a result of search for supporting material wich is visually hidden and from a longer distance totally invisible. To achieve economically sustainable solution a glass fibre screen with a subtle frame was used which ensures maximal translucency and purity of detail hidden in the panel.

A desired design effect of THE WALL PANEL was achieved using a combination of perforated and non-perforated areas made of composite bond panels to make front surface. The actual perforation forms a hexagonal composition continuing from panel to panel and when illuminated it creates very decorative and modern detail resembling a never-ending mosaic. The principal is esthetic unification of panel surface which looks jointless. Panel forms and perforation shapes may develop in the future and the variety will grow larger.

The research was carried out in co-operation with The Institute for nanomaterials, advanced technologies and innovations of The Technical university in Liberec. The research confirmed that used nanofibre technology shows unique acoustic qualities at minimal thickness and weight which are comparable with much more corporeal conventional materials of bigger thickness (absorption of material starts already in octave band of 250Hz and covers the entire voice band-width, which offers very wide use).