A worldwide unique translucent acoustic material


GLASIO as an entirely Czech product HAS BEEN AWARDED SEVERAL PRIZES: An Acoustic Product 2014, Innovation of 2015, Visionary 2015



Glass makes an inseparable part of modern interior design for its irreplaceable transparency and translucency. So far, it has been considered as a genuine example of reflex acoustic material.

However, GLASIO brings entirely innovative possibility how to use glass as a sound absorbent surface in the most demanding applications.

Unique translucent glass plates can reduce noise in the room and improve intelligibility of a spoken word. They excel with high efficiency – they are able to absorb up to 90% of sound energy in a voice frequency band. They are thus suited to all types of interior fitted with glass where better acoustic quality is necessary.


The distinctive appearance of material is achieved with use of glass cullet of different size fraction. Thanks to this technology called sintering we are able to achieve higher glitter and so called 3D effect which is intensified mainly in plates coloured through. They are joined only with heat and don‘t contain any added ingredients such as filling agents or additives.

Plates are safe for human health and the environment and are flame-proof.