We are Aveton. Acoustics is what we know.

We are a team of specialists offering a wide variety of services ranging from making a preliminary study, through project design, acoustic measurement of noise to the final production and delivery.


What makes us go on is the opportunity to create new spaces which, with their unique design and technical quality, affect people and enlarge their sensation of sound.

Our team

  • Ing. arch. Ing. VÍT DOMKÁŘ, Ph.D company manager, Head of Architecture and Implementation Group
  • +420 777 891 916
  • Ing. MICHAL ŠITYCH company manager, head of building acoustics group
  • +420 777 003 302
  • Ing. TOMÁŠ HRÁDEK company maager, Head of the Acoustics Group
  • +420 731 463 403
  • Ing. arch. JAN ANTOŠ architecture and realization
  • +420 774 495 524